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Pressure Switches
Fixed Differential - SD Series:
The fixed differential series(SD) is used to control pressure with fixed switching differential at any set point pressure in the whole range. The change in pressure is sensed by the diaphragm incorporated in the sensor assembly actuates a snap action micro switch at the desired set pressure (this design feature is common in all models / series)
The ranges offered cover a wide span from -0.9 to 250 Kg / Cm² with 1SPDT Contact us in case of 2SPDT and DPDT for details.


Adjustable Differential - SA Series:
The adjustable differential series used to control the pressure between two values, minimum & maximum depending on the range. High quality snap action micro switches give high precision in operation, thus saving high capital-cost equipments. The ranges offered cover -0.9 to 40 Kg / Cm/.


Low Pressure - SL Series:
'Sanmur' offers effective solution to your low-pressure applications. Designed with highly sensitive sensors of SS316 diaphragms they are used to sense very low pressures with good range span on the scale. The ranges covered are from -40 mbar to 1000 mbar and also -0.9 to 2 Kg / Cm².


Differential Pressure Switch -
DP Series:
We offer the most advanced and versatile DP series switches to solve your differential pressure application. A wide choice of wetted parts is available. The differential pressure controls the differential in pressure across filters, nozzles, orifices etc. at the two pressure ports namely high and low. The range covers from -0.9 to 16 Kg / Cm². A wide choice of process / electrical connections can be offered .


Flame Proof Enclosures - FP Series:
Pressure Switches in SD, SA, SL & DP series can be offered with flame proof enclosures for gas group I IA & I IB as per IS-2148-1981 and IP-66 degree of protection. Please contact 'Sanmur" for details.


Economy Model - SC Series:

SC covers the following Pressure Switches with fixed and adjustable differentials (range: 0.1 to 32 Kg / Cm2)

The economy model provides the flexibility required for most industrial applications Superior 5A - 15A contacts allows direct control of a motor pump without the use of external relays - a true time and money saving proposal.

The compact size, elegant design and cost benefit make the 'Sanmur' SC series switches a preferred choice.

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